Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sT geOrge

We went to St George for a quick weekend trip. We went to Sand hollow and then headed over to Colorado City to check it out. WOW it was another planet. If you want to see some sweet pictures go to Tiff and Scott S blog. She has way more balls than me. I was to scared to get any pictures. i think Max thought they were going to pull a gun on us. I think Tiff is secertly thinking of joining.

We spent many hours in the pool at the hotel

We went w some of our friends the Schauerhamers the kids had a ball.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays are over!!!

This is Jake and Jace sledding. Max just pulled them around the fields here.

This is what santa brought Zoey. Notice the PINK red rider that Jake picked out for her.

This picture is at Zoeys christmas program. She was so excited that Santa was coming that after the kids were all done singing she took off running from the other side of the gym so she could be first in line . And she was. It was pretty funny.