Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Binki??

Zoey is just a huge copy cat right now and tries to copy everything Jake does. It's pretty cute.

My kids don't suck a binki. Jake still tries to sneak it from time to time. My fault I know, Im a huge sucker.

For any of you who know Zoey very well you'll understand that is what you'll see most of the time from this kid. She has an endless pit.


My little Fam said...

What is Zoey off the binki? She is always good for a laugh. If its not ice cream, its Pringles.

Haskins said...

I can imagine how hard that would be to take them off the binki-- my kids would never take one, however McKay is a thumb sucker so I think that might be hard!

Lisa Dean said...

Ali, Your kids are so cute. Tiff did a really good job on their pictures. I can't believe how old Jake is.

Cluff Family said...

Your family is so adorable! It is so fun to see people I grew up with and their families. Congrats again!