Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last day of summer, First day of school

Here is Jake ready for his first day of Preschool

Jake and Krew Best Buddies
These boys lived at the pool this summer


Ryan, Cami, Brytan & Ryder said...

OH What a sad day! Why do they have to grow up:( He looks like a little stud, and Zoe is showing off her teeth:) Your trip looked fun I loved that picture of you on the horse!

Tiff said...

I think I need that pic. Krew would love to hang that in his room! I can't believe he is starting school so crazy!

Robyn said...

So fun! They look so cute!

Molly Zamboni said...

Jake looks so big and I love his hair! It's such a bitter sweet day when they start school!