Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We went to Goblin Valley a couple of weeks ago. Here are some pictures.
This is a childs dream . The kids didnt want to leave.


Tiff said...

does zoey have a wig on in that last pic? It's freakin me out!

Molly Zamboni said...

I love Goblin! I can't wait to take my kids winter done yet?

Natty said...

Oh Teegs would love that place, I bet Jake was just in heaven.
I am comoing out there in May, and we will have to do some fun things with the kids

Ash said...

your munchkins look so cute...I can't wait to see you at the pool:)

The Andersons: said...

Hey! I was just looking at Lisa Dean's blog and found a link to yours! It's good to catch up! This trip looks like fun, I'm going to have to put it on the agenda for my boys for this summer! We will have to have a reunion at the old neighborhood pool this summer. I'm sad your parents moved! Your family looks great, I enjoyed looking at all your pictures.

Sarah (Marks) Anderson