Friday, February 26, 2010


Sand Hollow

Kevin s jeep was going over.

After a long day out on the trails.

Zoey deciced she didn't like the green paint any more and didn't want to sleep in her room til it was pink.

Jakes room. Am I a brave mom to let my kids free w red paint.

Zoey ready for her Valentines party.


Natty said...

Zoeys' room looks so cute pink, she is such a little girl. What are you doing with Jake's room, you are brave to let them use that red paint.

Whitney said...

Yes, so brave to let them have red paint! But then again you have really good kids:) Looks like fun, and I cant wait to see the final pictures of the rooms...

Cami said...

Ohhhh I'm excited to see the final product:) Looks cute