Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some Summer Pics

A lot of baseball this summer. Jake played on a competition team this year The Lehi Bombers, we played every game out in Spanish Fork or Salem.

It rained about every night at the games, here we are hiding from the rain in between games, Jake played a double header every Monday and it seemed to rain every monday. It did end up clearing up for the second game thankfully because Jake hit his first homer.

Zoeys Graduation from Preschool.

Jake was pumped they had on matching shirts. Jake LOVES his new brother and is so much help.

This was Zoeys last competition of the year. Here the girls are practicing before going on stage

My computer is taking forever to download these pictures so ill get some more on later.


Natty said...

Jake looks so cute in his little baseball uniform. Looks like you guys are staying busy. wish we could have come out there this summer