Friday, February 15, 2008


What were you doing ten years ago.

I was living at Cortland Ridge with Cam, Lid, and Camilla. We had such a fun time living together. I worked at Nature Sunshine and was going to UVSC.

5 Places I've Lived
Spanish Fork

On My To Do List
Finish My Taxes (I'm so pumped)
Post Office
Buy a birthday gift for a birthday party

3 BAD Habits
I ve bit my nails since I was little and I still do.
Don't finish things I start (projects, books, etc.)
I consume way too much diet coke.

Places I've worked
Nature Sunshine
Courtyard at Jamestown as a CNA
McKell excavation in their office

5 Things you don't Know about me
Just like Tiff, I sing really good, especaily in the car
I love to scrapbook and make cards but never do because I hate making a mess with all the stuff, I used to be in a card group and loved it.
I love to cook but don't have a lot of time to focus on it with my kids demanding all of it.
Max says I like coloring in coloring books more than the kids and that they are really for me.
I am a complusive shopper, I can't stop. Poor Max


Tiffany said...

Yeah I pretty much knew all those things about you especially that you are a compulsive shopper and that is why I love you!!!

Ryan, Cami, Brytan & Ryder said...

Hey I thought they were suppose to be things we didn't know about you!!!

Lesa Ward said...

Sooo - Love your new look!! And super cute pictures of the kids!